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Advance Dentures

Advance Dental & Implant Centre is dedicated in providing solutions for missing teeth.

If you have missing teeth or have been putting off visiting the dentist because of loose, painful teeth, we have a solution to help you. Advance dentures are removable replacement teeth which make it easier for you to eat and speak.

They are custom made to suit your mouth to ensure absolute comfort. Advance dentures provide numerous health and lifestyle benefits to give you the confidence that your dentures are effective and well-fitting. 

Whether you need partial dentures or complete dentures, our dentists can provide a more natural smile and change the way you feel about dentures



Denture After Care Instructions

General recommendations for cleaning dentures

  • Unless your dentist tells you to leave your dentures in at night it is advisable to remove them.

General method of cleaning dentures is

  • Brush under cold running water before soaking to remove loosely adhering particles.
  • Soak in a cleanser.
  • Brush under running water after soaking to remove any remnants of the cleanser.

Do not use hot water for either cleaning or soaking your dentures. It may distort, weaken or crack them.

Acrylic resin (plastic) dentures

  • Rinse denture after every meal and remove debris by brushing with a soft toothbrush and a mildly abrasive denture paste.
  • If possible soak overnight in a denture cleaning solution for example neutral peroxide (Steradent) or alkaline (Dentural or Milton).

Before treatment

missing front teeth

After treatment

smile restored with dentures



I can now go out with friends for dinner and eat anything I want. A big thank you to Chris and all at Advance Dental

Kay | Belfast


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